Last Minute Christmas Gifts

December 19, 2016

Hello Freckles Christmas Gifts with New Look Festive
Last minute shopping? Here's some tips.
Hello Freckles Christmas Gifts with New Look Festive
Hello Freckles Christmas Gifts with New Look Festive Mens Fragrance
It's Monday morning (afternoon/whatever time you're reading this) and you realise it's Christmas on Sunday. You'd usually have a Buddy the Elf type reaction to this, however you're feeling more like the Grinch realising you've still got some gifts to buy and you can't quite face the Christmas Eve madness. Maybe you've always left it late to pick up some bargains in the sales which seem to start earlier and earlier each year? Or you've wrapped up the gifts and realised you forgot the slippers/pjs/smellies they'd asked for. Whatever your story is, don't worry! I've picked out some pieces from New Look's gift range and it's going to look like you were so prepared (and maybe I'll even save you a few pennies too!)

Novelty gifts can be fun and I think these dinosaur slippers* are great. I'm actually sat wearing them as I type up this post. I'd mentioned them to my boyfriend when I first saw them and he didn't exactly have the most enthusiastic response, so I knew I was okay to gift them to myself instead. The sprout socks* appealed for the same reason and everyone needs some santa socks* around Christmas time, right?

These pizza pjs* will appeal to the teens and twenty somethings. Both these and the slippers are in the sale, so depending on your budget you could even pick up both!

New Look have a good range of handbags which are really well priced for the high street. This chained bag* looks a lot more expensive than it's price tag and there's a bronze option too. I like the chunky chain detailing as it's a little different and will look great everyday to add a little something to an outfit, or to compliment jewellery on an evening.

Next up, the gift I'm most excited about...the lightbox*. I've seen these popping up all over lately and I always thought they looked pretty cool. This is the largest of 3 sizes New Look have and they have lightbox whiteboard speech bubbles and chalkboards in too. There's also some collage boards too so they'd make great gifts for students, or for those into their homeware and something a little different. Then there's light up pineapple, continuing the pineapple trend that is everywhere since the summer and showing no sign of going!

Check out the fragrances for the guys if you're looking for something extra. With a price tag around £10 they're really affordable and there's body washes and aftershave balms to match the scents. Carbon is a little musky with a blend of cedarwood, vertiver and bergamot and a mix of apple in there to freshen it up and make it great as a daytime scent.

I didn't realise New Look had such a good gift selection - from mugs to mermaid blankets and the usual socks and hats. Check out the mens and womens gift selection and get your last minute presents sorted. Order by Wednesday to make sure you get your gifts in time! Let me know what you're picking up and if there's anything I've featured here that you'd like to see under your tree!
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This post is in collaboration with New Look.

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