February 23, 2016

Hello Freckles Dungarees Casual Outfit Adidas Gazelles
Dungarees were the 'in' thing back in the 90s and it seems they've come back around - or maybe they just never went away? A few years ago, I picked up some black dungaree shorts which have since been lost to the black hole that is my wardrobe (or perhaps a charity bag when I was being ruthless and having a serious clear out) Luckily, my sister had these in her wardrobe and I borrowed them hoping to bring back the 90s cool kid vibes again! No playground dance routines today though...
Hello Freckles Dungarees Casual Outfit Adidas Gazelles
 Hello Freckles Dungarees Casual Outfit Fossil Rose Gold Watch
 Hello Freckles Dungarees Casual Outfit Adidas Gazelles
 Hello Freckles Dungarees Casual Outfit Adidas Gazelles Pom Pom Bobble Hat
Dungarees - H&M (via my sister's wardrobe!) Striped tee - Topshop, Hat - ASOS, Gazelles - Adidas via Office, Watch - Fossil
I'm definitely a trainer kinda girl. I think I always have been; picking Converse or Adidas over heels and girly shoes. Since I bought these Gazelles I think I've rarely worn any other trainers and I want to buy them in many different colours - a girl needs options right? Sorry New Balance and Nike, I'll be back to you soon.
It was definitely slightly on the chilly side on Saturday, snapping these quick photos with Sarah (before she made me a lovely cuppa and Nutella on toast) but what jacket can you wear with dungarees? My next challenge; try to make dungarees a little more girly, I think I might have to start by losing the pom pom hat and sticking on some boots... Watch this space.
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  1. I remember dungarees from the 90's so not sure I could get away with them in my 30's but they look fab on you! Totally with you on Gazelles too! x

    1. Thanks Rachel. I'm sure you could pull them off though if you wanted to! Yes does that mean you're encouraging me to buy that grey pair I'm eyeing up..?!

  2. I haven't stopped wearing dungarees since the 90's, they are so comfortable. Love these ones paired with the striped top.

    Emma Inks

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