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February 28, 2016

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From cinema trips to buying more trainers, it's time to talk, '5 From This Month' - the February edit.
It's safe to say I've been no stranger to Cineworld this month. Last week I went along 3 times; Zoolander 2, Deadpool and Star Wars - The Force Awakens. In total I've been to the cinema 6 times this month, which may well be my new record!

After two failed attempts, I finally got my BeyoncĂ© ticket (why do the presales have to sell out so quickly!) and when I haven't been listening to 'Massive Dance Hits' on Spotify - it's my go-to playlist lately, I've been getting myself hyped up for Queen Bey in June. 

As an almost Valentine's gift to myself, I bought some new trainers. These Puma Suede Classics in burgundy/red and it makes a change to see a pop of colour in my usual grey/black outfits. I'm sure they'll pop up in outfit posts in the near future.

Since visiting Nails Inc in Fenwick, Newcastle and finding out about their new nail varnish range with superfood ingredients, I've been loving their rose gold shade. It's the first time I've seen a rose gold nail varnish and paired with the other shades from the matcha range it looks amazing. ps. it also looks great with Baker Street which was my latest colour combination with it before I got these gels - but more on that in another post soon.

On Hello Freckles this month I've shared the latest collab from Radley, where to get your Caribbean food fixsome amazing pancakes and an outfit featuring dungarees. Side note: I wore this outfit for work on Friday and was surprised that it actually went down pretty well; if you class being likened to a children's tv presenter, a cute Mario Brother, or someone baling hay... as being positive. I'm taking it that way, anyway!

How's your month been, what stood out for you?
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