Sunday Summary | Feeding Reindeer, Christmas Markets and Festive Burgers

December 20, 2015

Hello Freckles Fat Hippo Festive Burger Christmas Market
From catching up with friends, to getting out the Christmas jumpers for work; it's been a fun week.

I shared this post earlier in the week about ice skating in Sunderland. It's open until Christmas Eve, so I'd definitely recommend getting along if you've got time, plus they've got a crepe stall right beside the rink!

This week, as a strong independent woman I went to the cinema alone. It's the first time I've done that, but I have an unlimited card and they were holding a secret screening so I couldn't have really gone with anyone anyway! I thought there'd surely be other people going alone too, in a similar situation to me. Funnily enough I ended up sat next to the lad who I'd parked beside - what's the chances?! It didn't end up being Star Wars, like I had hoped, but In The Heart of The Sea instead. I wouldn't have probably gone to see it otherwise but it was alright, with a lot of familiar faces. I summed it up on twitter as Mad Eye Moody (married to Catelyn Stark) telling Q about Thor and others fighting a whale.

This weekend's been pretty chilled out, Christmas Jumper Day, buffet and Secret Santa at work then date night on Friday, followed by a surprise with my sister on Saturday - we went to a local garden centre that has reindeer you can feed. Very cute and a lovely surprise! Today I've been to Bowes Museum for their Christmas Market - oddly without any mulled wine, which was a shame, but more reindeer there too - Fat Hippo's burger van was there and I got to taste their festive special. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a trip to their restaurant for another before they stop serving it; cranberry sauce, camembert, confit turkey and walnut stuffing and bacon - incredible!
Hello Freckles Feeding Reindeer
What've you been up to this week?
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  1. Love the sound of a secret screening! x

  2. How cute are those reindeers though?! It sounds as though you have had a lovely week :) xx

    The July Journal

  3. Omg the reindeer is adorable, ive never seen one up close let alone touch it =]

    1. I don't think I'd touched one before, let alone feed one!

  4. A cinema secret screening sounds fun! Though, I am quite picky with films, so maybes not the best idea for
    Those reindeer are so cute. I haven't actually seen any in the flesh this year.


    1. Yeah, I'd sussed what it was going to be from all the chat on twitter though so I had a good idea of what it was going to be. x

  5. That's awesome that you went to the cinema on your own - I definitely don't think I could brave doing that! But go you!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas Tasha!x

    1. Thanks Katy, yeah it was something I felt a bit nervous about but I just thought 'why not?!'

      I did indeed, hope you did too x


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