The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham

October 22, 2015

Hello Freckles Pancake Kitchen Seaham Harbour Durham
I love pancakes. With or without bacon and maple syrup. With fruit on and lashings of Nutella. Even just pancakes on their own with lemon and a sprinkle of sugar, so when I found out about The Pancake Kitchen, I had to visit!
Hello Freckles Pancake Kitchen Seaham Harbour Durham
Hello Freckles Pancake Kitchen Seaham Harbour Durham
Hello Freckles Pancake Kitchen Seaham Harbour Durham
It's not enough to just have a pancake fix once a year in February and luckily, there's other people out there who agree with me. If you head down to the harbour in Seaham (near Asda) you'll come across a whole range of food outlets - there's ice cream, burgers and pancakes (possibly more that I can't remember too) I'm sure if you're local to the North East you'll have heard of Lickety Splits, the well-known ice cream parlour and hopefully The Pancake Kitchen can earn a similar name for itself too!

The Banana Choco Nut pancake was great, plenty of  filling; chopped banana, chocolate sauce, cream, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, a crumbled flake and a sprinkling of chopped nuts. If you like chocolate then it's definitely the pancake for you! 

The Dutch Apple waffle looked pretty good too (and I did get a quick taste) If you like sweeter, fruity flavours then you could opt for this, either on a waffle or a pancake - the menu is pretty flexible.

You're looking at around £4-£5 for a pancake/waffle which isn't bad and there's a pretty good variety on their menu. If you're looking for American style pancakes, you're better off heading to Frankie & Benny's (their pancake stack with bacon and maple syrup is still a firm favourite) or even Blakes on Grey Street in Newcastle.

Whilst I'm not sure there'll be a better crépe than the ones I ate in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower before le quartorze juillet fireworks began (I mean that's gonna be a hard situation to beat, let's be serious), Seaham is a lot closer for a quick fix - whether savoury or sweet is your favourite. There's also omelettes, soup and scones available too, if pancakes aren't your thing... though I could question why you'd consider going if you don't like pancakes.

What pancake topping is your favourite?
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  1. oh my gosh that looks so incredibly good! I'm almost drooling at my desk...
    I may have to make my first visit to Seaham soon

    Kitty |

  2. These pancakes look delicious oh my gosh - I love nutella and banana on pancakes the most!

    Lucy |

  3. They look absolutely scrummy and it may well be a trip there next week for half-term. Oh yes, better remember to take my wee boy.

  4. Oh my goodness the pancakes look delicious! I have to admit I usually only have pancakes around pancake day but this would be a great excuse to indulge!

  5. The Banana Choco Nut pancake looks amazing! I don't think I have pancakes often enough either but now I have a craving for them :)

  6. I freaking love pancakes! Any kind for sure. I love them with bananas and Nutella, I love them with maple syrup and I love them with ham and cheese. I feel like I could live only eating pancakes :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  7. Oh my lord. Those seriously look SO GOOD. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water.
    I love your blog! Great work! :)

  8. Oh my word these all luck lush, this post has made me miss living in the north now :(

    Mel ♥

  9. These look sooo good. I am having serious nutella crepe cravings at the moment but I'm trying to hold out so I can treat myself at the Christmas markets! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  10. OMG watching your pictures is making me salivating!haha
    Unfortunately, we don't have pancakes in Italy (so rude isn't it!) but I love them sooo much, and everytime I go in a foreign country I try to eat as much as possible!!! :) xx

  11. Oh gosh I adore pancakes/crepes! I'm not a savoury person when it comes to pancakes, they have to be sweet, but I do like a variety of different toppings. For pancake day I usually go for the traditional lemon and sugar but from crepe stalls my choice is usually Nutella and possibly an addition like marshmallow x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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