Summer Lace

June 16, 2015

Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer
 Light colours, bare legs and floaty clothing can only mean one thing - summer is here (well kinda) and today I'm showing you how I would style some pieces for those sunny days I'm hoping we'll be seeing more often!

 Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer Full Length
 Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer
  Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer Mid Length
Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer Clutch Bag
  Hello Freckles Matalan Outfit Fashion Style Summer Detail

Believe it or not, this whole outfit is from Matalan. Somewhere I'll admit, I tend to forget about when I'm looking for trend pieces on the high street. Matalan's holiday shop range is great, whether you're jetting off to find some sun and lap up the rays (remember your suncream please!) or visiting a new city for a weekend, or staying at home, there's plenty to choose from and it's all really affordable.

So bargain kimonos aside (it was only £8 and easily looks and feels like something you could pay 4x more for from more well known, pricier high street names) let's talk about this bag. I don't have many clutch bags and this one appealed as soon as I saw the hello/goodbye detail. It's a great size for fitting in all the essentials. I've tried it, and my camera will fit with a prime lens, even if it does make the bag a (slightly) odd shape. 

Have you browsed Matalan lately? Check out their holiday shop here and let me know if you're off anywhere nice this summer!

 photo signature1_zps4dd0b58d.jpg
Outfit courtesy of Matalan. I now want to buy their entire selection of camis and this kimono in every colour, but I will (try to) refrain!


  1. The cami top looks lovely on you and what a gorgeous colour too! :) xx

  2. Those shorts are the cutest! A little bit of lace adds so much to a piece / outfit. Will be hunting down those for sure. xoxo

  3. I love this! I am a big fan of lace details, so this totally screams me :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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