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May 07, 2015

Hello Freckles #DPDressesTheNation Lace Dress Newcastle Blogger
It's not everyday you get an email asking if you'd like to represent the North East in Dorothy Perkins' latest campaign! Obviously I was delighted to be even considered and had to say yes. Here's the dress I chose to style (with some serious heels).
Hello Freckles #DPDressesTheNation Lace Dress Newcastle Blogger
Hello Freckles #DPDressesTheNation Lace Dress Newcastle Blogger
Hello Freckles #DPDressesTheNation Lace Dress Newcastle Blogger
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I decided to go for something a little more subtle, but still within the lace dress category, which is the Newcastle dress for #DPDressesTheNation. This navy one has lace detailing on the sides and the shoulders, and the classic skater shape makes it timeless and really versatile. It's also available in green (which I really like the look of) a nude pink and black. Wear it with heels like these scalloped ones (which are amazingly under £30) for the night, or dress it down with some flats for the day. I think it'd even look nice with some ankle boots, though maybe I'm just saying that as I know I'd throw on my Ash boots.

Perhaps for night you might want to do something with your hair, I quite like to curl mine when I have more time, unlike when I rushed through to the quayside with my Dad to take these photos! We just got a few taken before it was dark, but that's what happens when you end up working late!

Dorothy Perkins have a great competition running (which I wish I could enter) where you can win a year's supply of dresses - since there's 12 bloggers and 12 dresses, I'd assume you'd pick one from each category, but I could be wrong! All you have to do is share a photo of you in your favourite place in your town/city wearing a Dorothy Perkins dress, with the #DPDressesTheNation on Instagram. It's too good of an opportunity to miss out on, plus who needs an excuse to wear a dress? I know I don't!
Hello Freckles #DPDressesTheNation Lace Dress Newcastle Blogger Heels

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  1. You look lovely in the dress, Tasha! Gorgeous backdrop of the bridge too, I love Newcastle! <3

  2. I love the dress on you so much! I'm also swooning over those heels, just wish I could wear them!



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