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March 26, 2015

Hello Freckles 5 From This Month March
So Spring is finally here and we're nearing the end of March. It can only mean one thing; it's time for me to run through my top five from this month.

First up, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think I may have this new thing for Andy Samberg and I've no idea where that came from. Regardless, I've been really enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I've caught up with it (way too quickly) so I'm ready for the new episodes every Thursday on E4. That means there's one tonight!

I finally got my hands on the sketch print top and I've got the dress now too. The question is, which do I keep? 'Cause surely I can't keep both.. that'd be a sketch print overload. It's a bit different to what I normally wear but I think it'll be great for Spring, especially since there's pink and blue tulips in the pattern, but it's something I'd wear all year anyway.

If you've been keeping up with my posts this month, you should be familiar with Mirins, a skincare and aromatherapy company from Copenhagen. The lip scrub and lip balm have been two of my favourite products this month. I just love the minimalist packaging too.

After a lot of deliberation, I finally purchased a Kate Spade phone case. I wanted something clean and minimal (I sense a slight theme occurring) and really liked this confetti design.

LUSH have revealed their Easter range and it's full of cute items with sweet scents. I'm particularly fond of carrot soap which smells amazing. It shares the same blackcurrant scent as the Snowman shower jelly which was part of the Christmas range. It's incredible and you must go give it a sniff if you've got a LUSH store nearby.

Other things that stood out this month included... Going for a seriously lovely spa day with my sister. My first month having my car - I get very excited when I see fellow Up! owners. So far I've spotted two in the car park at work and I will park next to one should the opportunity arise (is that sad...?) Spending the day in York for my Mam's birthday - keep an eye out for a little post about the food we had. Cinema trip to see the new animated film, Home, featuring Jim Parsons. I'd recommend giving it a watch!

What stood out for you this month?
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  1. Your phone case is so nice! I'm loving the gold and baby pink vibe! Xo


  2. Ooh, you made me very curious about the carrot soap. By the name I thought it would smell like carrots, but pleased to hear it doesn't! :) I will definitely give it a sniff.

  3. Ok Kate Spade will make me buy anything. But it makes me sad that they don't carry too many 5C cases! :( Love the design you picked though :)

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