Sunday Summary | I Bought a Car!

February 22, 2015

Hello Freckles Volkswagen Move Up!
Yay! Say hello to my shiny white VW!

After spending every weekend for the past 6 weeks looking for cars, I finally found the one I wanted to buy and picked it up yesterday. I've been in two minds about sharing what I bought, but since there's a photo up on instagram and facebook now, it seems only right to give it a mention here too. Let's face it, if my tweets are anything to go by, I'm going to be talking about it quite a lot! Apologies in advance if you're not into cars but it's exciting to finally own one!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who read my recent post, Feeling Sad. I was completely overwhelmed by the comments and the feedback I received from family, friends and work colleagues who read it. I felt a bit uneasy sharing something so personal, but after the lovely response I'm really pleased I did. I just hope that it'll help others who are in a similar situation.

I think I might share a little fitness update next week. I'm now into spinning on my lunch break then metafit after work! Though I should mention that's only on Thursdays. I still need to figure out a gym routine or get a plan organised with one of the trainers, since I don't even know where to begin with weights or anything other than running on the treadmill!

Hope you've had a great week (and a belated Happy Valentine's Day for last weekend if you did anything nice!)

I'll be back on Tuesday!
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  1. Congratulations!! I'm so jealous! I drive a bike but I am starting lessons to drive a car next month and hope to have a car by may! I want a mint green fiat 500 but your car looks lovely!!!

  2. Yay congrats that's awesome, always nice to earn your own car I think. I did have one when I lived at home- but someone actually crashed into it whilst it was parked which was kind of a blessing as I couldn't have afforded it now I've moved out- but it's still nice having the freedom xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. That's awesome news, congratulations :). It's an amazing feeling getting your first car, enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

    Kristy |

  4. Its such a cute car =]

  5. Aw congratulations! Such a nice car hope your enjoying driving!

    Gianni x

  6. Congrats! I have this car and love it!!! Enjoy :) xoxo

  7. Congrats! I always think white VW's are super cute!! And it's great that you're feeling better.

    Eli |


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