Sunday Summary #45

November 09, 2014

Hello Freckles Sunday Summary 45
This week I've celebrated an anniversary, a birthday and started feeling slightly November!

Earlier in the week I went along to The Body Shop to see their Christmas products and gifts with my partner in crime, Chloe. There's so many lovely things, especially their advent calendar which is so tempting! I'll not say too much now since I'm sharing my thoughts in a post coming next week. Go check out Chloe's blog and give her some love, she's just merged her blogs together and has a fab new design, plus she's absolutely lovely!

My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years together this week, I'm not sure how he's managed to put up with me for so long! We went for afternoon tea on Wednesday which was lovely.We did get a little bit lost finding the restaurant within the castle though, oops. I'll have a full post about our visit on here soon.

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and unfortunately I was at work (booo) but we still had some low-key celebrations last night and I think he's pretty pleased with the present Lucy and I got him. Today he's been my photographer for a very exciting post that I'll have up tomorrow (breaking my usual Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday schedule for one week only) and I'm so pleased with the photos. Thanks Dad, you're the best!

Today is Remembrance Sunday and for me, it's always an emotional day. If you haven't already, spare a moment to think of those we lost who showed incredible bravery and gave their lives for our freedom. We will remember them. 

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  1. You babe ;) loved seeing you as per!

  2. Glad you've had such a great week. Sounds filled with things to be happy about. Congrats on two years with your boyfriend!


  3. Wow you have a super busy week- congrats! I love the photo you are looking gorge xx



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