Sunday Summary #44

November 02, 2014

Happy November! I can't quite believe it's November already; it feels like this year is flying over, especially since I started my job. At least I can start getting excited for Christmas now, I should probably start my shopping soon!

This month I'm heading to Edinburgh to see The Gaslight Anthem yet again and seeing their Christmas market; I know it won't live up to Berlin last December but I'm looking forward to some mulled wine! Probably some crepes too...

I'm also looking forward to blogging this month (I do every month, don't get me wrong) since I've planned out all my content. It should make it a bit easier since these dark nights are gonna be a pain for getting photos taken.

This week my boyfriend and I visited Miller and Carter Steakhouse in Newcastle for a meal and we were both really impressed. You can see a full review (and all the photos - be warned, you may end up hungry) here. I've also featured the Halloween products from Lush this week. I visited a Lush store today and they still had a few bits left, so if anything here takes your fancy get along quick!

The biggest achievement this week was passing my driving test. I'm so pleased! I seem to be having some pretty good luck lately and thinking positively seems to really be working. First with the promotion at work, then the blogger awards and now successfully passing my test. I hope there's no more bad news on the way to balance it out though!

Hope you've had a great week, I'll be back with new posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday next week!
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  1. I'm so amused that a lot of British bloggers/vloggers are so pleased with passing their driving test! Is it so much more uncommon to do so? I feel like in America it's not surprising to be licensed? I am also looking forward to blogging this month, cause I've preplanned a lot of posts! I really does lighten up the work load I feel!

  2. Congratulations on passing your driving test lovely! The world is your oyster now!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  3. Aw well done! There so much more you can do when you drive! Enjoy it!

    Gianni xx
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