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April 02, 2014

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A couple of bands from this month's playlist will be no surprise to you if you've been following me on twitter/instagram and seen numerous excited tweets. Anyway, without further ado, here's what I've been listening to for the past month.

Taking Back Sunday
Yes, I know I featured TBS last month but since they released their new album 'Happiness Is', I've been listening to it on repeat on my phone, in the car with Andy and when I'm sat working on my laptop. It's so good and I just love how sassy Adam Lazzara is. Trust me, when you see them live you realise he just has this air about him (and I still stand by what I said in my vlog when we went to their gig, he does remind me of a lion).

Fall Out Boy
Yep, another repeat from last month but I can't put into words how amazing it was to see them live just over a week ago. I've wrote a full review here if you want to go back and relive it. I highly recommend checking out Take This To Your Grave, it's their debut album and oh man, it's just incredible.

Neck Deep
Well, this is a new one and it's one I've got my boyfriend to thank for. He had their album on in the car and like many other bands, that's how I was introduced to them. They've pretty much just blown up out of nowhere, going from being lads sat in a bedroom recording to playing a headline tour in America. Crazy stuff! If you like pop-punk you'll love them and I bet they put on a great show.

Ben Howard
I've been listening to Every Kingdom quite a lot recently, it's so soothing and a great soundtrack for travelling. It's hard to pick my favourite track from the album since I love them all, but if you're yet to check him out, try 'Only Love'. I'm eagerly awaiting his second album (and another UK tour).

What's been on your playlist?

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  1. Ben howard is like a daily listen for me, just so so nice, great playlist picks :) xxx

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  3. If you like Ben howard (as I do as well) you could listen too Lissie. It may not be your thing but she has some wonderful sounding songs in her album "Back to Forever" (ill put a link below). Personally I am not a fan of Fall out Boy's recent music (in their comeback) and so I agree that their old songs are much better :) Oh the pete wentz days (i feel so nostalgic right now haha).




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