Sunday Summary #11

March 16, 2014

This week has consisted of five shoots for our dissertation film, multiple cups of tea and a complete lack of sleep.

We've now only got two more filming days left before we focus on editing. It's both a really exciting and a rather scary thought! I've had variations of the same dream every night where I'm waking up, thinking I've fallen asleep on set or late to a shoot and almost being convinced to get up and leave, even when it's 4am! It's so weird. I've also got two big bruises on my leg from falling over the haze machine on Thursday night when we were filming until the early hours of Friday.

This week I blogged about a dupe for a really popular MAC lipstick. Take a look here and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like it.

Next week is going to be really busy too, with lots of things to organise in terms of Hello Freckles, a trip away for a couple of nights for work, finally a driving lesson for the first time in over a month and Fall Out Boy - which I'm so excited for! All rounded up with our final filming days at the weekend. 

Now though, I'm off to download Taking Back Sunday's new album 'Happiness Is' since iTunes have just kindly emailed me to say my pre-order is available.

What've you been up to this week?

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