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March 27, 2014

What do you think of when you think of The Body Shop? I'll guess it's probably those amazing body butters or perhaps skincare but I doubt your first thought would be makeup. Today I'd like to introduce you to a great product that's a bit of a multi-purpose wonder from the cruelty-free brand.

The Shimmer Waves Palette from The Body Shop* comes in three shades; coral, blush and bronze. The packaging is simple and understated, really letting the shades speak for themselves and I like how you can see the full product without having to open up the lid, a great time saver when you're rooting through your products.

I've been using 'blush', a gorgeous mix of pink shades and lighter champagne that makes a perfect highlighter. It doesn't stop there though, like the other two shades in the line, you can use this as an eyeshadow palette. The shades are really pigmented and it's a pretty good alternative to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. At £16 it's less than half the price and just think of how much space you'd save if you were to take it away with you. 

I love pink blush and Shimmer Waves is so versatile, allowing you to just add a hint of pink to your cheeks using the lighter shades, or building it up if you prefer something bolder. It really is a wonder product and I think I'll be picking up the bronze shade soon, even though I'm not the biggest lover of bronzer (being a pale skinned gal) but those shades for eyeshadow - yes please!
Have you tried any make up from The Body Shop before? What did you think?

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  1. I bought this a while ago and love it! It's great for highlighting and adding a touch of shimmer-want to pick up the Coral palette next -x

    1. Glad you're a fan, Mary. Yes the Coral palette looks lovely - very summery.

  2. I really love that you can use it for multiple purposes! So pretty!

  3. I tried this product before and completely loved it! (:

  4. my first ever make up came from the Body Shop - a little set from my boyfriends mum at the time, wonder if she was trying to tell me something! ;)

    1. Aw wow, really? Maybe she just wanted to pass on some of her favourites?!


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