Sunday Summary #8

February 23, 2014

I feel like I've barely stopped this week, keeping myself busy as always and when you're reading this (if you're reading this on Sunday when it's just popped up) I'll be waiting to see Taking Back Sunday, eeep!

I've been to the Lake District, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and will have been to Coventry too when this post is up. Busy week, in fact it's probably the busiest one I'll have before filming begins for our dissertation film, which is next Monday if you wondered.

Helping out with the photoshoot for Love Niche SS14 collection was fun, both of the models, Hayley and Jenny were so lovely to work with (as well as being ridiculously pretty). I even managed to stay away from Space NK even though the studio is just around the corner and I've avoided Boots 3 for 2 so far too, even though it only started this week...

Yesterday I went through to Durham with Megan from Talking About M. We went to this lovely little cupcake place and ate some amazing cheesecake. I talk more about that in this post. She took the outfit photos for my post yesterday, which is actually the first outfit post of 2014 and helped me film this OOTD video. Considering it's nearing the end of February, that's not particularly good and I'm going to try to make them more consistent from now on.

I'll be sure to tell you all about Taking Back Sunday and my little trip away when I get back, but until then, I hope you've had a great week and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. that cheesecake looks so good and i love your outfit in the last photo! just found your blog btw and it's a great read :) x

  2. Sounds like a fab week, I loved your OOTD & the cheesecake looks to die for xxx

    1. Yeah it's been really good, but busy. Thanks Jessica x

  3. Sounds like a busy but great week! Love your outfit in the last picture

    Lauren |

  4. Cute post! Love your outfit! Xx


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