OOTD: You're So Last Summer

February 22, 2014

As I'm typing this up now, I'm still pretty full from the cheesecake I ate before these photos were taken! I've had a lovely afternoon in Durham. How cute is this street! Keep an eye out for Monday's post to see where Megan and I went (especially if you're a fan of cakes and sweet treats).

If you've kept up with my tweets and recent Sunday Posts, it's probably pretty obvious why I've named this OOTD a Taking Back Sunday song. If not, well I'm going to see them tomorrow night and I'm so excited!
Leather Jacket: H&M (over a year ago) Dress: ASOS, Bag: eBay, Socks: TopShop, Boots: H&M, Jewellery: (rings) H&M and Pandora, (necklace) Tiffany & Co. (bracelets) Pandora and Debenhams.

Wearing a smock dress on a windy day is never a good idea, but by the time I'd left the house it was too late. This one, another from ASOS (which I'm sure is the only place I buy smock dresses from) is great for days when you want to enjoy a big slice of cheesecake and not worry about a food baby, while adding a pop of colour to an otherwise rather black outfit.

These boots are my new favourites. They're so comfy and I love the buckle detail, it's just enough to be wearable for daytime and dressed up for the night. Win win situation for me! As for the socks, well let's be honest, you won't see me in any kind of ankle boots without my frilly socks unless there's a good reason!

Thanks Megan for taking these photos for me (and helping film the OOTD video below) and getting very cold hands in the process. Go check out her blog if you haven't already!

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