Christmas Jumper Day

December 13, 2013

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, have you been wearing yours?

Christmas Jumper Day is a campaign by Save The Children. They're asking people to wear a christmas jumper today and donate £1 to help save lives and hopefully give some children a better christmas this year. It's a great cause and there's been some great jumpers on twitter so far today! I thought I'd share my Christmas jumpers with you, since I'm a big fan of cosy knits.
 This one was actually my boyfriend's Christmas jumper last year until I borrowed it from him on a permanent basis. I've just realised now, that means he doesn't have one and I'll have to sort that tomorrow so he's got a warm jumper to wear in Berlin. I love how cosy this one is and it has elbow patches!
I bought this one online last year and was hoping it would turn up in time for our Christmas Jumper night out. Luckily it did and I knew no one else would be wearing the same one, unless they'd been watching my internet history and ordered it too! This photo is one of a few I took for Lives Online as I was asked to take festive November. Planning ahead at least. It was pretty fun, although the fairy lights did get very hot and I'm sure they were slowly burning my neck. 
This one is from Primark last year (this year's has a 3D scarf and if I'm honest, I think I prefer mine since it's simple and nothing can get caught in the washing machine) It's also another mens one which I think I first spotted in the display then my Mam surprised me with it. I quite like perusing the mens section for jumpers, there's more patterns and I like the oversized fit. The last thing you want in winter is a cropped jumper and a cold breeze!
Even Roxy approves. I turned around to get the fairy lights and my camera and turned back to see her looking cosy, cheeky cat!

Tell me about your Christmas jumper.

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  1. Haha.. Roxy is such a cutie. Love a good rummage through the mens sections, although it sometimes ends in an argument with the mr over who gets what. I win. Obviously.

    pierrelecat | UK jewellery blog

  2. Every sweater is just so pretty! Really lovely photos :)
    Ohh your cat is so cutee!

  3. Oh wow you look absolute gorgeous, Stunning and unique photos too! Loved this xxx

  4. these are proper lovely photos, so festive xx

  5. I love those jumpers, you look cool :) Love, Anna

  6. Your jumper is so cute! And this is such a great cause (: awesome post!


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