Christmas at Lush

November 25, 2013

So it's now a month until Christmas and surely I'm not the only one who is excited?! I've even had my first wear of the Christmas jumper this year today, who knows tomorrow I may go looking for a mince pie!

Every year Lush have an incredibly range of Christmas goodies so I took myself along to my local store to find out more about what's on offer this year and take some snaps to share with you if you need any extra ideas.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Snow Fairy would it? Ponche has also returned this year (citrus orange with a shot of tequila) and there's a new one too, Rose Jam (with rose oil and argan oil) which smells amazing and all three are available exclusively online as perfumes too. they're limited edition though and knowing how crazy people get for Snow Fairy, I suspect that will be the first to sell out.
This year, along with two cleansers; Let The Good Times Roll and Buche De Noel, Lush have a face mask appropriately named Rudolph. Anne-Marie who works in my local store told me that each pot has a jelly red nose in too so you can be Rudolph too while you make your skin super soft with this face mask featuring oatmeal, aloe vera and cucumber in the ingredients.
Bath Bombs! Oh there's plenty of these guys this year and interestingly, Lush have tried to incorporate the scents of other bath bombs so if you find one you really like, you can get an alternative for the rest of the year. Clever, ey?
The adorable Christmas Penguin (top image in this post) has the same scent as the shower gel, The Olive Branch and the equally cute Melting Snowman smells like almonds and cinnamon; perfect Christmassy scents. If there was an award for the cutest product, I think it'd be a toss up between these two, don't you?
I love the gift sets from Lush, they're always so nicely packaged saving you from the hassle of cutting up paper and trying to find the end of the sticky tape on the roll. This year there are three themes for the Christmas gift sets; William Morris (the one's featuring traditional wrapping paper like Season's Tweetings and A Christmas Carol) Ziggy Stardust (the bright, colourful gifts like White Christmas and The Night Before Christmas - a personal favourite and one I'm hoping to get, the artwork on the box is beautifully done by  Serge Seidlitz) and Vintage Fireworks (all the loud ones, like Snap, Surprise and Wow!) Wow actually features all of this year's Christmas products so if you really want to spoil someone (and have somewhere to hide the big box) then that may be your best bet!

What have you seen from Lush's Christmas collection that you're hoping for from Santa this year? You can see the full range on the website here.

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NB. This post was not in any way sponsored by Lush. All opinions are my own and I'm very grateful for the store allowing me to take photos and find out more about their Christmas products.


  1. i love lush, there christmas range is always one of my faves! :p


  2. Soo cute stuff!♥

  3. Awww such lovely pictures! I made a mahoosive order as soon as I knew they were out... As a recent Lush convert, I just couldn't help myself!

    Charlotte - x

  4. I love Lush's Christmas things so much! I need to try some more of their products before they're all gone! x

    Amy |

  5. I've picked up some Lush bits for my friends for christmas, and I'm going to have to make a trip back for some treats for myself!

    Kate xo |

  6. I love the Lush Christmas range. Cinders is my all time favourite!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. I adore the Lush Christmas range! I've tried a few things but I'm desperate to try the melting snowman! xx

  8. I haven't tried half of these shamefully!!! Rose jam I must try but the bombs look gorgeous I just don't have a bath.. Ill have to get some as gifts! Xx

  9. Ooo...I soo adore Lush goodies. In fact already got myself some of their Xmas collection...
    Perfect to spoil oneself


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