My 21st Birthday

October 02, 2013

Last Friday it was my 21st birthday! I'm not usually one to look forward to birthday too much, probably because I don't like all the fuss but I guess a bit extra was expected this year.

I woke up and headed downstairs to a mass of banners, balloons and presents to open!I'm really surprised that even now, my helium balloons (you can see here on instagram) are still standing tall and don't even seem to have deflated at all! I'm not going to share a mass of photos in this post and in no way am I showing off, I just wanted to share a few of the things I was given.
My Pandora birthstone ring and a 21 charm for my bracelet weren't really a surprise; I'd had to go find out what size I would be, then my Mam started asking which design charm I wanted (not so sneaky there ey?!)
I knew I was getting something from Tiffany from my Aunt (she bought me a necklace from there on my 18th) but I didn't know which of the two ideas I'd sent her she'd gone for. I'm really pleased with it!
I'd been bugging Andy for ages about getting my Mike Wazowski mug so I was even more surprised when I unwrapped both Mike and Sulley! His reasoning - they're best mates so you couldn't just have one.
After unwrapping the mugs and a couple of pug related things (it was to be expected really wasn't it) he handed me an envelope, telling me it was my 'big' present. I opened it saw 'Berlin'...'December' and burst into tears. He's only gone and booked us a trip away to Berlin for four nights the week before Christmas!!! I'm even filling up now thinking about it, ahhh so excited.
Once I'd calmed myself down (and sorted out my mascara) we headed off to Frankie and Benny's for breakfast; bacon pancakes and coffee. Mmmm. It was lovely and he paid for that too (you've spent way too much on me Andy; just wait until Christmas/your next birthday)
You may well know, I'd love to have a little pug but with uni (and having two cats) it's just not very practical right now. I received Pig (he's got a birth certificate and a little hoody) from my boyfriend's family and it's such a sweet present. If you squeeze his chest you can hear his heartbeat and around his stomach he sings happy birthday. 
My sister had hidden herself away in the kitchen the night before baking a birthday cake for me (which you can just about see, it's all chocolate with chocolate fingers around the outside and crushed flakes on top) and pug cupcakes (again chocolate cake inside) which just blew me away. How cute are the cupcakes!
We went out for a family meal to a local Italian's and the waiters sang to me (and put a massive heavy sombrero on my head) all because I didn't want a dessert. Yeah, I bet that was why! I actually did end up stealing some of Andy's dessert, but he knew that was going to happen. Afterwards we returned home, cracked open the Prosecco and chilled. I definitely had the best birthday and I'm so grateful for all the presents and nice messages I received!

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  1. Happy 21st Birthday! Congratulations!

  2. Happy 21st birthday! being 21 is the best! x

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)


  4. I went to Berlin for xmas last year and it's amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day! :D

  6. This is so lovely! Looks like you had a fab time. Happy belated birthday! Have a beautiful year :)

    Charlotte - xx

  7. Sounds like such a lovely birthday! And bless your boyfriend for taking you away, the week before Christmas will be amazing in Berlin! xx

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovelyyyy time in Berlin! x

  9. Happy 21st Birthday! It was my Birthday on Sunday :)

    Amy |

  10. Happy 21st birthday, I can't get over how many gorgeous prezzies you got! :D


  11. happy birthday, it looks like such a wonderful day. Your presents are gorgeous - I need those mike and sully mugs in my life! xx


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