Film Friday #2

October 25, 2013

A complete mix of films this Friday but all really effective storytelling in their own way and some incredible performances.

Runner Runner
Many people are divided in opinions when it comes to Justin Timberlake's acting. Personally, I really like him as an actor (and as a musician may I add) and I think he really portays his characters well. In Runner Runner he plays a (mature) university student, Richie Furst, struggling to pay his fees who turns to online poker to try and solve his problems. Unfortunately, what seems like a great opportunity, perhaps isn't the wisest decision. 

There were a few moments when the dialogue went way over my head - as I have little to no knowledge when it comes to gambling and indeed poker but I enjoyed the film regardless and Ben Affleck was great as Ivan Block.

Prisoners was incredibly tense and had a really gripping storyline. Hugh Jackman was incredible and to see him as a father and not Wolverine for once really showed how great an actor he is. Jake Gyllenhaal gave an equally impressive performance and I found myself worrying for his safety a good few times within the film! Every time I see Paul Dano, I just think of his character from Little Miss Sunshine but in Prisoners I was completely taken aback by how 'creepy' he was. I actually left the cinema feeling quite freaked out at how the story panned out and the twist was really well done. It is quite a long film, which may be my only negative but it's definitely worth watching.

Out of the three I've mentioned, Filth is definitely my favourite. James McAvoy is absolutely incredible and I was completely gripped by the story. From watching the trailer (and having not read the book...yet) I guessed it was a comedy and a dark one at that since it's 18 certificate. I was wrong. Very wrong. While there are definitely funny moments and I can tell you I laughed a lot, there's a lot of serious moments and some real issues that are dealt with. It's so wonderfully shot (and features some very familiar locations in Edinburgh) and the pace of the story unfolding is perfect. Jamie Bell's supporting role as one of the other cops is great, his accent being pretty good too despite him still having such a baby face. I cannot recommend it enough, unless you're easily offended then perhaps it's not the one for you!

What films have you seen recently? Whether you enjoyed them or not, I'd love to know.

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  1. I haven't seen Filth but Prisoners was great! Really enjoyed it and I didn't feel the length at all because it was so full of suspense. In the last couple of days, I've watched Bad Grandpa, Escape Plan and Enders Game, all of which I think are worth a watch :) xx

  2. ahh i really want to see prisoners, its looks amazing!! x

  3. Prisoners was super intense, but i didn't like a lot of the violent scenes. I thought it was slightly over the top. Have you seen Gravity? I loved it!

  4. I really want to see Prisoners - it might be a contender for Orange Wednesday this week! x

  5. I loved Filth (sounds slightly wrong haha) but feel like I need to see it again to understand the plot fully. My friends weren't as appreciative of it as think they were slightly offended, and I think some of the issues he tackles went straight over their heads. Its defs one of my top 10!!

    Amy x


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