2013: Week 41

October 15, 2013

treats | Clarins goodies | the skinniest jeans
Nando's! | cinema night | pink porridge

I'd been holding off buying any magazines for a while, with the intention to save a few pennies but then I saw Marie Claire and the free L'Occitane hand cream and I made my way to the counter in Boots (with a few new make up treats in my hand too)

I've been enjoying trying out these goodies from Clarins lately, I've got a post up here and if you want to see any full reviews of products, I'm more than happy to write them once I've trialled them out for a little longer.

I decided to treat Andy to Nando's this week, for no other reason than the fact I felt like it! It should be him treating me, what with all the stress of dissertations I'm trying to keep on top of.

What've you been up to?

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1 comment

  1. Oh I could totally go a Nandos! It's been a week since I had one, em totally justified?
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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