2013: Week 40

October 09, 2013

silly cat | hot ribena | balloons still going strong
bath time | cupcakes | lovely car
fireworks | filming | coat weather
Hello! Sorry things have been a little quiet on here for a few days, I've not been feeling so good. It seems I caught some kind of flu/cold bug that's been going around and I felt horrible, definitely getting back to normal now; there's too much I need to do so I'll have to power through regardless!

I'm really surprised my balloons from my birthday are still holding up really well, I'm enjoying them being there just floating about (well, when someone walks past they wobble, otherwise they're pretty still like you'd expect)

On Monday night I watched a firework display (from my garage roof) and tried to take some photos. It's always a bit hit and miss with that kind of thing but I really want to get more into night photography and things like that.

Yesterday we did some filming for our 1 minute short we have to do for one of our modules. It was so windy! We're shooting again at the weekend and I'm hoping it will be a bit calmer. It's definitely coat weather now and I'm actually really happy about it. I love Autumn with all the leaves falling off the trees and wrapping up warm. It means I get to wear my new coat I got for my birthday too which I'm really excited to wear in Berlin in December! I've written a full post on my birthday if you'd like to have a read it's here.

What've you been up to this week?

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  1. This has made me excited for bonfire night! Is that avobath? All time favourite bath bomb. Well, tied with cinders.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos, your cat is so cute!

    Definitely in the mood for bonfire night now :)

    Hmm maybe...


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