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September 19, 2013

 You may or may not know that I'm a big fan of shirts, particularly checked ones and to be even more particular, ones from Jack Wills. My red checked one is possibly my favourite shirt I own, it's so cosy and soft and great for layering.  This denim shirt actually belongs to my boyfriend but since I've been wearing it for about a month after he left it at my house, it's become a really easy thing to throw on.

Shirt- My Boyfriend
Vest- H&M
Shoes (just seen) - Vivienne Westwood

Boyfriend shirts are so easy for those days when you maybe don't have long to get ready or just want a casual outfit. The best part is (apart from the fact his aftershave was lingering on the collar when I took these photos) that if it's slightly creased, you can completely get away with it so no ironing necessary.

Since I only wanted one piece oversized, I paired Andy's shirt with my disco pants, a pretty loose graphic vest and my Vivienne Westwood flats which you can only just see above. As it gets colder (and I think we can all feel the chill in the air now) I'll probably layer a chunky cardigan over or button it up and opt for a knitted jumper.

Now, which shirt can I borrow from him next...

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  1. That outfit is so simple yet so gorgeous. Love your blog! xx

  2. I love this look! Your hair looks so nice by the way!
    - Charlotte

  3. I love big shirts- my favourite one got massively ripped on holiday in Thailand and I was SO upset by it. Guess I'll just need to nab one from my brother next time I'm at his house! xx

  4. love your outfit x


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