2013: Week 38

September 24, 2013

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Hi! I'm now officially in my third and final year at uni! It's scary to think about and I really can't believe how quick it's flown over, I still remember my first days and getting lost trying to find rooms for seminars.

I'm also officially a Lives Online blogger, I've signed all the paperwork, filmed my intro video (big thanks to Andy for being so patient with me while I did that and offering to be my camera guy, he's definitely going to be roped into doing more). I'm really looking forward to getting the blog up and running, although trying to figure out this iphone is something else! I'm so used to jelly bean on android (and a Samsung Galaxy Note which is considerably bigger) and having three buttons at the bottom of the phone so I keep pressing where I think the 'back' and 'settings' buttons should be, when they don't exist for apple products! Oh well. 

On Friday I caught up with Adam, one of my mates from Uni, who lives in York. It was nice to have a personal tour guide and to chat over coffee. York is such a lovely place and at least this time it wasn't snowing! Snow and Converse really don't mix!

At the weekend, other than watching more Breaking Bad and edging ever closer to the end, which I'm really quite sad about, I headed down to Middlesbrough for #minkmeetup. I'm gonna pop a full post up on the event but how lovely does Mink Tattoo Coffee Bar look in that photo!

It's (not so) slowly getting closer to my 21st Birthday now too! Aaaah. I'm looking forward to birthday breakfast with Andy and doing a few other things to celebrate even though I'm more of a person who enjoys other people's birthdays and prefers to not have too much fuss!

What've you been up to?

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  1. Woo, congrats on becoming a Lives Online blogger :) sounds like you've had a busy and fun week

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life


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