A much needed change...

April 08, 2013

Hi! Noticed anything different? (hint, hint...it's the hair) 

Yeah, so I was in need of a haircut. I'd spent too long with a pretty much non-existent fringe that was then split to a middle parting. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like having a middle parting sometimes, but it was just a temporary thing until I could get my hair cut.

Since I found out that I wasn't going to be needed for any follow up shoots for the production I was appearing in, I decided that meant it was haircut time. I didn't know whether to go for a full fringe or side fringe and in the end I let the hairdresser pick (I need to start making my own decisions don't I?!) 

It's taking some getting used to but I definitely prefer it like this. What do you think?
Also, you may have noticed that I'm no longer tashaajaynee.blogspot.co.uk! I decided it was time to get my own domain and I didn't really want to go with my name anymore, so I'm now www.hello-freckles.com yay! (typing in my own URL will still work though because you'll be redirected to the new one) now all I need to do is update my layout with a little redesign, so keep an eye out for that!


  1. It really suits you and such a nice cut. I've been the same one minute I want my hair cut and the next thing I'm like noone touches my hair. Such hard decisions.



    1. Thank you!

      Oh I know the feeling, I'm terrible at making decisions.


  2. Really like it, welcome to the fringe club :P x

  3. It looks gorgeous on you, i must admit i do love full fringes on people and your hair cut really suits it! xx

  4. Love your lipstick here! I just had a full fringe cut haha :) you really suit it cxc

    1. The lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 05 (I think) :)

      Oooh! x


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