Snow Day!

January 24, 2013

It's been snowing all across the country this past week or so hasn't it? You may know from previous posts, or if you know me personally, I love snow! I always get really excited when it snows, even though I probably shouldn't since I'm 20..well 21 this year now I come to think about it! Eep!

On Sunday, when my boyfriend was meeting up with one of his mates in town, I asked if he'd buy me a sledge. He did, yay! We decided we'd go take it up a hill pretty close to where we live the following day, along with my skateboard deck, as I had this great idea that I wanted to try snowskating.

The next day it was still snowy so we went for a walk in Herrington Country Park and as we were walking in the snow the sun started setting, it was so pretty, but that also meant it was getting colder. After a quick trip to McDonalds to warm up we headed back to Penshaw Monument to go sledging. We decided to go from the first flat level after the first set of steps, as it seemed like the most popular place to go from, apart from the other side of the steps, but that was really muddy and even in my salopettes I didn't want to be rolling in mud. 

It was so much fun (even if I was really achy the day after and I've got a couple bruises now from falling over). I'm hoping for more snow days soon so I can get the sledge out again, which for now seems to be living in my boyfriend's car. I've just realised that I've not made a snowman yet either and since the snow seems to be going it doesn't look like I'll get the chance to. Andy, if you're reading this, when it snows again, you better be ready to help me make a snowman!

Do you like the snow? Have you been sledging too? x

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