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January 20, 2013

The week before last I browsing the makeup section in my local Boots store. I'd been to a meeting in town and after watching several of Kate's (gh0stparties) videos I'd seen how much she loves a certain Clinique mascara, naturally, I was intrigued to go and have a closer look.

I was chatting to the counter girl, Claire about Clinique's different mascaras and she was really helpful and friendly. I normally feel intimidated when I go up to a beauty counter and look at the products, it just makes me feel a bit awkward and I'm not too sure why really. Surely I can't be the only one? Whilst chatting, Claire asked me if I wanted to go along for a free makeover the following week; there would be no obligation to buy products and she'd give me some free samples to take away with me. So, after purchasing the mascara, I booked myself in for the following Friday and off I went.

I arrived a little early and was seated by the counter by one of the staff in store and asked if I could wait for Claire. Claire came over a couple moments later, explaining she'd been on a break for a quick cuppa. She asked me if I had any concerns or issues regarding my skin, which I don't, it's just a little dry in places (which I'm putting down to the weather lately). 
Using some cream cleanser she removed my foundation before going through the 3 step skincare routine, tailored for my skin type (combination/dry). Following this she applied a little of Moisture Surge to the dry areas of my face, followed by the tiniest amounts of eye cream just under my eyes.
After looking through a booklet containing details of the different foundations available, I opted for the Super Balanced one, which turns out to be their most popular foundation! Predictably, I was the palest shade, Alabaster, which blended in really well to my skin. She applied a tiny amount of concealer to brighten under my eyes, a little of one of the 8 Hour Eye Colour eyeshadows followed by a sweep of loose powder across my face to set my makeup. Then it was time for blusher. She suggested trying one of the All Over Colour powder blushes in 'Peony'.The All Over Colour powders can be applied all over the face for a glow, or onto cheekbones as a highlight or blush and they're so cute with the flower pattern in the pan.

The last step of my makeover was to pick out a lip product. As I didn't have any preference, Claire suggested I try one of the chubbysticks, picking a pale pink, 'Mighty Mimosa'. The chubbysticks are really moisturising and the colour payoff is brilliant.

It would be around this point where I'd show you a photo of what my face looked like when Claire had finished my makeover, however I went down to uni following my Clinique visit and I got caught up in a lot of snow, so by the time I returned my hair was wavy and damp, my eyeliner had smudged and I thought better of trying to take a photo. I will however be heading back to Clinique mid-February as they're bringing out chubbysticks for eyes and I'm really intrigued to go and have a look. I'll keep you posted!
 Have you had a Clinique makeover before? Perhaps you've had a makeover from another brand of cosmetics, I'd love to know what you thought about it/whether you'd recommend it. x

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  1. New follower, Hi! I love your blog :D.

    I feel the same, I don't know how to start a conversation, esp' when I'm on my own. I'm deffo' going to pop into my local big boots and have a look. xx


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