A look back at 2012

December 31, 2012

Last night, I found myself thinking about the past year. It's been a difficult one at times, challenging too in places, but I'm so happy now and I've really got the hard work I've put into the things I've done over the last couple months.

January to March
I wouldn't really say that 2012 got off to a good start, but there was a silver lining. I'm really struggling to even remember what happened in February, apart from me doing a 'photo a day' thing, just to prove to myself that I could do it. You can see them all here if you're interested. 
March saw me filming a short film with Adam, Lucy and Matthew for MAC126 at University. Brilliant experience and I even have a little cameo appearance. 

April to June
April saw me visiting London with my family for a few days around the time of my sister's birthday. It was nice to just get away from everything and clear my head, I love London and I'm hoping to go visit my Aunt at her new house sometime in the next few months! Also in April, my sister, Lucy and I visited a farm near where we live and fed the baby lambs. So cute!

May I finished all my assignments for my first year at university, lazed around for a little while then spent 3/4 weeks working in the Marketing department at uni doing some web design related work for them regarding updating the website with the courses on offer to study. I really enjoyed working there, the team were great and it was good money too!

In June, aside from working in the marketing department. I saw Coldplay at the Stadium of Light, in the pouring rain and worked the Blue Peter Big Olympic Tour event at Herrington Park (it was one very long Sunday but really worth it)

July to September
In July I finally joined the android family! No more Blackberry, yay! This also meant I started using Instagram and I post regular updates including my Instagram photos. My username is @tashajsteel if anyone wants to go have a look.

August was the main part of the summer I guess. I went away to the Isle of Skye with my family for a week and it was great, it's a beautiful place and a long drive from the North East. I loved just sitting on a night watching the sunset with my iPod on, so relaxing.

September meant it was time to say goodbye to Cameron and wish him all the best with his year working in Australia. I told myself I wouldn't get upset about it...but I did, I knew I would! It also meant it was time to go back to uni for the start of my second year, which is crazy, it's flying over! I turned 20, eeep! and told myself it was now time to knuckle down and try and get experience in the media industry since it's where I want to be in the future. I was lucky to be given a press pass to Split Festival and get backstage, interview bands and be down in the pit with my DSLR to take photos. I absolutely loved it. I chatted to Barry Hyde (Futureheads) about scotch eggs, drank San Miguel with Saint Etienne in their dressing room and had so much fun! I also met Chris Ramsey, who was lovely!

October to December
These last couple months have been my favourites of the year. It's definitely showing that hard work does pay off. Back in September I registered my interest to work with Spark, particularly wanting to focus on the TV element of the multiplatform brand; now I'm a Production Coordinator for Spark TV, I write music reviews: Ben Howard, The Black Keys,(both live and album reviews) the odd film review and interview bands (Luls and Swim Deep Chuck Ragan) for Spark Magazine and I'm hoping to get more involved with the Spark FM and produce a radio show again like my intentions were in late October. It was the end of October when I first properly met up with my boyfriend and he took me for coffee, pool and the cinema. 

I've started snowboarding after joining the snowsports society at uni..slightly persuaded by Adam to do so as he's the marketing guy for them and it's something I've always wanted to do. I love it! In November I went away to Edinburgh for the weekend with everyone for BUDS, which is a national competition weekend for skiing and snowboarding (and lots of drinking) up the side of a slope. It was so much fun, even if I did return home absolutely knackered and in need of a weekend of sleep. I'm definitely going again next year!

I'm still horseriding too and I'm now the secretary for the equestrian society. I feel like there's loads I'm missing out here but I just can't think of everything that's happened these past couple months, there's been so much and every single thing has been positive!

I was so lucky to work backstage at Metro Radio Live (read about it here) and I was live on BBC Radio 1. If that's not a massive highlight of 2012. I don't know what is!I spent around an hour sat outside in the cold winter air gazing at the sky to see Geminid meteors when the peak of the meteor shower happened, it was simply amazing. 

Here's to even more good memories in 2013! 

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