Current Favourite: Barry M Nail Paint

May 07, 2012

I was a little dubious about this whole pastel trend that seemed to be the new 'in thing' until I saw this nail varnish in my sister's collection one night when I was looking for a different shade. I think I've been wearing it for the past month, probably a little longer and with two coats it stays on for ages (coming from someone who can chip their nail varnish within hours of applying it) and looks lovely with quite literally, everything I wear! Win win! I definitely recommend it as a shade and Barry M for nail varnish in general, I'm sure between my sister and I we've gathered quite a large collection!
It may have amused me a little when I coordinated my nails to my hoody but it looks pretty cute!

Have you got a go-to pastel shade?


  1. I love Barry M Nail paints, so easy to apply, but I have this and the baby pink in the pastel range and I never wear them because I found the content of the bottle really watery :S I felt there wasn't much thickness to it, Unless I bought a dodgy bottle! haha but yes a lovely colour xx

    1. Aw really? This bottle doesn't seem watery. I'm guessing you've shook it before using it too, hmm. :( the baby pink sounds cute though, might have to look for it! xx


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